Kelli Davis
Art of Kelli Davis
2d game artist and Animator

Art of Kelli Davis

2d game artist and Animator

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About Me

I am an accomplished 2D and 3d game artist with several games under her belt. I have an extensive knowledge of 3d Max, Flash, photoshop, painter and various other graphic mediums, and have worked on and off in the game industry for several years now.

I Currently work For Disney Interactive


Concept work, 3d molding, rigging, unwrapping and textureing (I like to do everything right up to animating) flash animation.

Games announced/rele

Gnome town
Marvel: Avengers alliance (UA)
Gardens of time (Localization/UA)
Purina Pet Resort (sunset)
Sorority life

Jam City Rollergirls
Sandy beach
AC 130: Operation Devistation
Elements of destruction
Rainbow 6: Lockdown PC
Duel masters Cobalt
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